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  • The evaluation copy is fully functional and the evaluation time is unlimited.
  • A "nag" box will appear asking for registration every time a GedcomDB object is created.


  • GedcomDB may be licensed to an individual for personal use and/or non-profit use.
  • Cost: $35 (US dollars).


  • GedcomDB may be licensed to a business for either internal use, and/or for commercial use.
  • The internal use license does not allow distribution in any form of the component outside of the company who owns the license.
  • The commercial license allows distribution of the server as a component of the company's client software. It does not allow resale of the component.
  • Internal License Cost: $50 (US dollars).
  • Commercial License Cost: $100 (US dollars).
  • An internal license may be upgraded to a commercial license at any time by paying the difference in cost.

Note to Consulting Firms and Freelance Consultants:

  • There are two options:
    1. Have your customers pay for a license for their use (internal or commercial license).
    2. Purchase a commercial license for your business. This gives you the right to use this component in any of your products/works, but your customer will not be licensed for further development using this component.


  • Contact the author, Doug McMartin, for more information.

NOTE: License policy and pricing are subject to change.


Copyright 1997-2008 Douglas McMartin.